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Skin rejuvenation and resurfacing


All clients who desire to have one of the following procedures have to be healthy, preferred to be non smokers, can be adhered to protect their skin after treatments also have to be not suffering from diseases that affect the health of their skin, the treatment of that conditions must be done especially adherence to the sun protection. They before make a decision to have skin rejuvenation treatment.


It is normal that your skin will continue to develop aging problems after treatment. Then, the same treatment may re-carried out, or another treatments can be applied then surgical solutions may be the final choice. But these non-surgical treatments could significantly reduce and delay the need of the surgical procedures. You can treated by one procedure or have a combination of them if possible to enhance the final result or to reduce the side effects.

Recovery and cautions

You have to discuss the recovery protocol for every treatment with your doctor and adhere precisely to the instruction given by the medical team.

Hydrafacial is one of the non-laser, non-massive skin care procedures that designed to treat many skin concerns, and to be tolerable by all skin types.

Treatment of : - fine lines, wrinkles and age marks. - acne, scars, black heads enlarged pores and problems of oily skin. - hyperpigmentation. - dry skin and dead skin cells.

It is a multi-step procedure that includes hydration, cleaning, exfoliation, and extraction with nourishing the skin with essential nutrients such as antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. This process is not irritating and takes between 30-45 minutes with no discomfort during it.

It depends on how much the skin is damaged. A visible glowing and freshness in the skin appear after the first treatment. (Suitable before occasions) You can have more evident results and maintain a healthy skin by regular hydrafacial treatment like monthly treatment plan.

Hydrafacial is better than similar skin resurfacing treatment that it has no downtime so you can return to your normal life activates directly after the treatment. Your doctor may prescribe you moisturizers or serums to improve the results.

Fractional Co2 is a laser skin resurfacing treatment that used widely to resolve skin problems especially that related to aging

It is used for skin damages caused by sun and aging such as pigmentation and wrinkles or any changes in the texture or the tone of the skin.

The fractional CO2 laser removes fine layers from skin tissue and heating it. The heat generated by laser denature the skin collagen so it forms Contracted fibers and tighten the skin as a result, then a wound healing phase started to reconstruct epidermal cells with prolonged collagen synthesis for the following time after treatment. The treatment may takes 45 minutes to 1 hour to be done, and may need topical anesthesia.

It is a very preferred technique to people need obvious and significant skin smoothing, clearness and youthfulness in a just one treatment, it is considered as the gold standard for that.

This process need a pre and post treatment care. Your doctor may prescribe a medications for pain management before and after the treatment. It takes a long downtime, you can back to normal life activates7-14 days after procedure. And it may takes 6 to 9 months to achieve the desired results. You should carefully adhere to the post treatment instructions such as minimize exposure to sun and restrict to a skin care regimen during 6 months after the treatment.

You can not treated by this technique if you are: - pregnant -treated by isotritenoin within 6 months. Tell your doctor if you have any condition affect or delay healing process or if you are exposed to herpes virus or cold sores in the aim of manage that conditions before treatment

This FDA approved procedure also used to treat facial wrinkles and skin laxity and elasticity issues caused by aging. It is a non-invasive treatment and very effective for ultimate skin tightening, lifting and contouring in face and neck with no down time.

HIFU or High-intensity Focused Ultrasound uses concentrated beams of ultrasound that heat tissue and causes increasing blood flow and stimulate cellular damage to reduce the volume of the targeted area, and make collagen fibers short and thicker with out affecting the overlying skin layers. The treatment takes between 30 minutes to 2.5 hours depending on the treated area.

This treatment can treat the deepest skin layers, that it could solve the skin problems from the root. so it do perfect results in treating frown lines, sagging skin of the eyebrows, jaw lines and neck bands. It is also good for reduce double chin and face lifting

This treatment has no irritating effects and has no downtime, so you can return to normal life activates directly. so you can realize the results directly and ultimate results may take place within 2-3 months. No need to be repeated before 8 to 12 months. Rarely some people may experienced irritation during the treatment, and have to take oral analgesics to be more comfortable. Slight swelling or redness may occur but it will disappear days after.

You must avoid HIFU treatment in the areas that content metal implants or injected by silicon or if you have pacemakers or blood disorders.

As it is an innovative laser technology that combines tow types of laser that makes it is suitable for all color gradients of skin. And that makes it very useful in skin concerns like skin tightening, wrinkles, facial veins and pigmented lesions such as lentigines and café au lait spots