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As mentioned the main purpose of using botulinum toxin is to reduce lines and wrinkles in the forehead, lips, around eye and around mouth and to treat the frown lines, smooth square jaw line, diminish the neck bands and flabby chin and correct gummy smile. It is also used to solve sweating problems when injected underarms or in sole of the palms. FDA approved using Botox® for treating frown lines and wrinkles around the eye, while using Dysport®and Xeomin® is approved to treat frown lines only. All other uses are “off label”.


All clients that have aging skin problems, and the clients who are receiving another treatments like laser treatments or dermal fillers or HIFU to promote the results of skin rejuvenation.


A small and thin injection used to treat the muscle that produces wrinkles, it is a precise procedure needs to be done by an expertise doctor who knows well your face muscles and do the injection in the right place with saving your face expressions and the function of surround tissues. This procedure takes 15 minutes maximum for each injection, so the total procedure time depends on your condition.


You can return to your normal life activities immediatelycause this treatment has no downtime. The results can be realized days after procedure and lasts for 3-6 months.


Do not massage or rub the treated areas to avoid migration of Botox into other areas.

Risks and side effects

Some pain and redness in the injected area maybe occur, some other symptoms such as headache, nausea, flu like symptoms, temporary drooping and rarely botulism like symptoms (troubles in breathing, swallowing and speech) if the botulinum toxin spread beyond the injected area.

Dermal fillers.


It is used to treat wrinkles and lines in the forehead and around mouth and eye, the frown lines, the scars and injuries, facial contouring like filling cheekbones and jawline, define lip border and fill thin lips.


First your surgeon will examine and mark the areas needed to treat., then clean it with antimicrobial agent.

Sometimes anesthetizing applied depending on the patient tolerance and the treated areas. (Anesthetizing ointmemts).

The injection process take moments in one site, and take between 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the number and size of injected sites. Finally your surgeon evaluate the results if it is good or it should be modified.


Injection of most of dermal filler types allow you to return to normal activities expect some intensive activates for maximum 2 days after treatment. Sometimes you need to apply ice pack on the injected area to reduce the potential swelling and redness. A temporary lumps and hard areas or some allergy may be occur and disappear in few days. Fat injections may need medication to recover side effects and may take few weeks to have the ultimate result. Discuss with your doctor about the post treatment management plan.

Risks and side effects

You have to contact well with your surgeon before deciding to undergo this treatment, because of its non well expected results and the significant complications of it like : skin rash and redness, skin necrosis if blood flow disrupted, damaged skin or wounds, acne and scars, swelling and bleeding in the injected site, filler palpability under the skin surface, infection, under or over corrected wrinkles, Blinding


The results appeared immediately and lasts for months or years according to the filler type and patient condition. You have to maintain your overall health and your skin health permanently.